LASIK at a Glance


LASIK can be “game-changing” for a lot of people. Importantly, though, there are no “cookie-cutter” solutions here, no “one size fits all.” Every patient is different. And every patient’s situation is unique.

Things to know and remember:

  • LASIK can be “game-changing” for a lot of people. But every patient is different, and every patient’s situation is unique.
  • Bladeless Custom LASIK is a state-of-the-art procedure and has been our preferred technique of laser vision correction for the majority of patients for many years.
  • There are only three corneal fellowship-trained LASIK specialists in the region: Dr. Adam Altman, Dr. Jonathan Primack and Dr. Kevin Shah at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania.
  • Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania is committed to making LASIK extremely affordable.
  • Call 610-378-8500 to arrange for your free Bladeless Custom LASIK evaluation.

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