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LASIK Eye Surgery Shillington, PA

If you have considered LASIK for vision correct, look no further than the LASIK eye surgeons in Shillington PA at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. They are nationally-recognized, highly skilled, board-certified and fellowship trained. They are corneal specialists and highly trained in the bladeless or all-laser LASIK procedure. For quite a while now, we have been known as having the best LASIK surgeons in Pennsylvania. We will put our 50 years of collective surgical experience and expertise to work for you.

About the LASIK Procedure

Although there are several types of LASIK, including traditional metal blade LASIK surgery, our surgeons prefer the bladeless custom LASIK procedure because it is the most technologically advanced LASIK procedure for correcting vision. The bladeless procedure uses two different lasers, a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser. The femtosecond laser is used first to create a flap in the cornea. The surgeon then uses the excimer laser to reshape imperfections in the cornea, thus correcting refractive error and improving vision.

Every person’s cornea is unique. We tell patients that corneas are like fingerprints. Prior to your surgery, we will create a customized map of your cornea to guide the surgeon during the LASIK procedure.

Our surgeons prefer bladeless Custom LASIK over older, traditional LASIK techniques that utilize metal surgical blades. Use of the laser provides the surgeon with more precision to create the flap and reshape the cornea. With this technology, our surgeons can correct much higher refractive error, so more patients are candidates. The procedure is safe and effective.

The surgery takes under one hour. We will monitor you for a while after surgery, then you are free to go home later that same day. Once at home, we ask that you rest your eyes for the duration of that day. Most patients want to sleep anyway, and that provides the rest you and your eyes need. There are very few complications from LASIK, although some patients do experience minor irritation, dry eye, or itching. Within 48 hours, we will have you back in the office at a follow-up appointment to check progress.

Am I A Candidate for LASIK?

Most patients are good candidates for the LASIK procedure, particularly since bladeless LASIK can correct high levels of refractive error. We can even correct astigmatism. We will evaluate you as a surgical candidate at your initial consultation, and if you are for some reason not a good candidate for the bladeless procedure, our experienced team will offer you additional options for vision correction.

Have you been considering LASIK for vision correction? If you live or work in or near Shillington, PA, give us a call at 610-378-8500 to schedule your free initial consultation. We have several convenient office locations to meet your needs, including one in Wyomissing. An expert LASIK eye surgeon at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania is ready for you to be our next LASIK patient, so contact us today.

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