Best Cataract Surgeons in Montgomery County, PA

You need cataract surgery, but you don’t know what to expect. We understand that you have questions, and the best cataract surgeons are available in the Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania Pottstown and Blandon offices in Montgomery County, PA to answer your questions.

What should I expect on the day of surgery?

Prior to your surgery, our excellent team will prepare you for surgery day.  You will meet with your surgeon, a medical doctor called an ophthalmologist. Our surgeons are both board-certified and fellowship-trained in the latest surgical techniques.

We will make sure that we understand your medical history and any medications you have. At that time, if there are any medications you should avoid leading up to surgery, we will have that discussion. We will also perform a detailed eye exam to examine the cataract and to determine the exact lens implant to fit your needs.

Patients typically are instructed to not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery. Cataract surgery is safe, effective and fast. It is performed on an outpatient basis so you will need a family member or friend to wait during the surgery and drive you home.

What is the surgery like?

The ophthalmologist will be accompanied by our trusted surgical team. We will give you mild sedation and eye drops to numb the eye. The actual lens removal usually only takes about 30 minutes, and afterwards, we will monitor you in our recovery area. We will send you home with various eye drops for inflammation and infection control.

The day after your surgery, we will schedule a follow up appointment to check your progress. If you experience any pain or other symptoms, contact us immediately as this is not typical. Cataract surgery is very safe and has a high success rate. Some patients experience inflammation or mild discomfort, but they prescribed eye drops remedy these situations. Patients are asked to not do strenuous exercise, lifting or bending while the eye heals.

Recovery time is quick and most patients are amazed at their vision restoration after just a few days. We will schedule several follow up appointments to make sure your vision has stabilized.

When do I need surgery?

People can function with cataracts for many years with no symptoms or issues. Surgery is usually not needed right away, but is suggested when symptoms worsen. Many of our patients begin having problems with reading, viewing television or computer screens, and driving. The amount of difficulty you are having with vision and performing these routine daily activities will be the biggest determination regarding whether you have surgery. We recommend eye exams every six months to monitor the progression of your cataract.

Many of our patients say that their vision with a cataract is like looking through greasy glasses or a dirty window. Most experience increased nearsightedness, dulled color vision and difficulty with glare from lights or sunlight. People need to more frequently update their eyeglasses prescription and some even report double vision.

When it is time for surgery, the surgeon will perform an outpatient surgery to remove the cataract and replace the natural lens with an artificial implantable lens called an intraocular lens. These days, lens technology is amazing and we have a variety of lens types that can restore various vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Cataract surgery is very safe and very effective with few complications.

If you suspect or know you have cataracts, come see the best cataract surgeons at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in Montgomery County PA, where we have office locations in Blandon and Pottstown. Cataracts typically have no early warning signs, so our eye exam is important. Call us today.

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