Voted “Best of Berks” eight years in a row!
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Reserve your free LASIK eye surgery evaluation.

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Voted “Best of Berks” eight years in a row!

Reserve your FREE Bladeless LASIK evaluation.

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Flexible financing options for LASIK and PRK Laser Vision Correction

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“Words can’t express how happy I am with the outcome and the entire experience… Highly, highly recommend!”


Reserve your FREE Bladeless LASIK evaluation.

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Lasik for the way you live

Reserve your free LASIK eye surgery evaluation.

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The results of my surgery are nothing short of amazing. It has truly changed my life.


The LASIK Done Right icon stands for safe laser eye surgery, affordable cost of LASIK, and the only cornea fellowship-trained specialists in the region who perform LASIK surgery.

Imagine driving, swimming, playing sports or even just waking up in the morning and being able to see without glasses or contacts. LASIK eye surgery can be that “game-changing” for a lot of people. But all LASIK surgery is not the same. In fact, picking the right LASIK surgeon is so important and one of the more important decisions you will make.

Where you get your LASIK matters. Trust the LASIK experts.

Where you get your LASIK eye surgery matters. Trust the LASIK experts.

Drs. Adam Altman and Jonathan Primack have over 45 years of combined LASIK experience and are the area’s only Board-Certified and Cornea Fellowship-Trained LASIK specialists. They are also the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the area with the latest, safest technology: Bladeless Custom LASIK. All procedures are performed in the safety and comfort of our on-site, fully-licensed LASIK eye surgery center in Wyomissing.

Plus, Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania has been voted “Best of Berks” for LASIK Eye Surgery eight years in a row. That’s quality and experience you can trust. And we can help make LASIK eye surgery cost extremely affordable.

Thinking about LASIK eye surgery near you? Insist on the LASIK eye surgery experts at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania.

Download their LASIK bios here:

Dr. Adam Altman, MD and Dr. Jonathan Primack, MD are the LASIK experts at Eye Consultants of PA. They are ophthalmic surgeons who perform laser eye surgery, PRK surgery, cornea surgery and cataract surgery.

LASIK costs less than wearing glasses and contacts!

If you are concerned about the cost of LASIK surgery, download this useful comparison between LASIK costs and the costs of wearing glasses and/or contacts.

Flexible financing options for LASIK and PRK Laser Vision Correction

We make LASIK and PRK Laser Vision Correction more affordable for more patients through referrals to local, third-party financial institutions.

Our goal is to help patients more easily afford LASIK and PRK Laser Vision Correction. That’s why we’ve developed relationships with several local credit unions and financial institutions throughout the communities we serve – to make the latest technologies more affordable for more patients.*

Local financing options right where you live.

Depending upon where you live and/or work, there are several financing options – all from local lenders who live where you do:

  • Berks County - Diamond Federal Credit Union; Discovery Federal Credit Union; Truist Bank
  • Lebanon County - Truist Bank
  • Montgomery County - Diamond Federal Credit Union; Truist Bank
  • Schuylkill County - Hidden River Credit Union; Truist Bank

Find a local lender near you:

Diamond Federal Credit Union
1500 Ethan Drive,
Wyomissing, PA 19610
Branches in Boyertown,
Exeter, Muhlenberg, Pottstown,
Royersford, Wyomissing
Ask about “Personal Loans”
Contact: Dan, 610-326-5490, Ext 2107

Discovery Federal Credit Union
2744 Century Blvd,
Wyomissing, PA 19610
Ask about “Lifestyle Loans”
Contact: Kris, 610-372-8010, Ext 121

Truist Bank
1100a Berkshire Blvd,
Wyomissing, PA 19610
149 Branches throughout Pennsylvania
Ask about “Personal Loans”
Contact: Stacy or Alex, 610-376-9101

Hidden River Credit Union
60 Westwood Road,
Pottsville, PA 17901
Branches in Pottsville, Hometown, Pine Grove, Orwigsburg
Ask about “Clear View Loans”
Contact: Mike Shaner, 570-624-4307

UECU (Utilities Employees Credit Union)
11 Meridian Blvd
Wyomissing, PA 19610
Branches throughout Pennsylvania
Ask about “Personal Loans or Credit Cards”
Contact: 800-288-6423

Member’s 1st Credit Union
4620 West Penn Avenue
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
Serving Berks County and beyond
Ask about “Personal Loans or Credit Cards”
Contact: Curin Romich, 717-602-0768

*Note: Each financial institution has its own program and underwriting requirements. Please contact the financial institution for additional details. Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania receives no compensation from any of these lenders, provides only a referral for patient financing, and has no role in the evaluation of creditworthiness or in loan processing. The entire financial relationship exists exclusively between the applicant and the financial institution.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so happy I picked Dr. Primack and staff for my eye surgery. Even though I was scared, everyone made me feel at ease. The staff is just amazing and caring. Thank you again.


Why Bladeless Custom LASIK?

Bladeless Custom LASIK is a state-of-the-art procedure that uses two different lasers instead of a traditional scalpel to improve your vision. It is our preferred technique of laser vision correction for the majority of patients. The procedure is quick and painless, and the main advantages of Bladeless Custom LASIK are accuracy and a quick visual recovery. In fact, many patients wake up the next morning seeing clearly without glasses or contacts.

Drs. Altman and Primack pioneered Bladeless Custom LASIK in the region and are the most experienced surgeons in the area with this innovative technique

Watch how Bladeless Custom LASIK is performed.

Thinking about LASIK? Watch what our patients have to say.

Learn more about LASIK

We’re committed to patient education. Get more information about LASIK, laser eye surgery, PRK, and other options.

If you’ve had LASIK, we would like to hear from you.

LASIK patient playing basketball after laser eye surgery. After LASIK, there is no need for glasses or contacts.


Whether you’re looking for LASIK in Reading, LASIK in Pottsville, LASIK in Pottstown or LASIK in Lebanon, a careful evaluation by one of our LASIK specialists is the first step. LASIK evaluations are free, and we serve patients in Berks County, Schuylkill County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Lancaster County and Lebanon County. At your evaluation appointment, a LASIK surgeon will take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and help you explore your options.

Click below to complete the form, and our LASIK Coordinator will contact you to schedule your free Bladeless Custom LASIK Evaluation. You can also call us at 610-378-8500.