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Are you looking for cataract doctors in Douglassville, PA? Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania are in nearby Pottstown and here to fulfill all your eye care needs, for cataracts or other issues. By age 75, you may have a cataract in one or both eyes. Let’s explore some of the signs.

Blurry vision

Cataracts are caused by a natural protein breakdown in the eye. This breakdown occurs with aging, but it is very gradual, so you may not notice any signs right away. Over time, the clear eye lens turns a yellowish color, but cataracts are often not visible when looking in the mirror. Think of your eye lens as a piece of clear plastic that becomes discolored over time. As the protein adds new layers, the lens becomes harder and less flexible. Over time, as the cataract builds up and deposits more protein on the lens, you may begin to experience cloudy or blurred vision. Many of our patients describe it as looking through a waterfall or looking through a greasy, dirty window. Reading may be a bit more difficult and colors may appear muted.

Night vision

Many people with cataracts have trouble seeing at night. In fact, our patients often first notice their issues when driving at night. Vision problems can be more apparent at night because the pupil has to dilate. Night vision issues don’t necessarily mean you have a cataract. You could just need a new glasses prescription, but cataracts are another possibility.

Night glare from oncoming headlights can indicate several vision issues, including cataracts. As more headlights become LED by design, the intense blue light emitted from the LEDs is causing a higher incidence of night glare. You also may experience glare with sunlight or even lamps. Any glare can be a sign of anything from dry eye to cataracts, but if you are seeing glare or halos around headlights, it is a good idea to have an eye exam to get it checked out.

Come see us

While aging is the most common cause for a cataract, there are other indicators. Many of our patients who have other chronic illnesses like diabetes are more prone to developing cataracts, as are our patients who have had sun exposure without eye protection. Certain medications can also make you more likely to develop a cataract, and family history and genetics also play a role.

If you suspect a cataract, come see us. We will do a thorough eye exam to check the lens, cornea and retina to look for cataracts and other eye diseases. At first, we may be able to help improve your vision with a stronger eyeglasses prescription. However, as the cataract builds up, surgery to remove and replace the lens is the only option to repair a cataract. Patients in Douglassville, PA have the best cataract doctors at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania, right here in nearby Pottstown. Come see us or schedule an online appointment today. We’ll take great care of you and your eyes.

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