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You have finally decided to have LASIK surgery, and now you are searching for a surgeon. What qualities do you look for? If you are in Reading, PA, you naturally want the best LASIK doctors. Here are some factors that our team at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania recommends you consider.

Always look for a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. This is an indicator of a higher level of expertise with LASIK and other eye procedures. Even better is a surgeon who is fellowship trained.

You can certainly read online reviews of surgeons, but many of our patients are referred to us by their family doctors who know our tremendous reputation as the finest eye surgeons in the area. We often work very closely with family doctors for people who have diabetes and other conditions that affect eye health. Furthermore, many of our patients are recommended by family and friends who are thrilled with the outcomes of their surgeries.

Everyone wants a surgeon they can trust and feel comfortable with. We encourage our patients to ask questions in order to understand both the benefits and the risks of the surgery. A big part of this conversation will provide the surgeon with an understanding of what your goals and expectations are for vision correction.

Our professional staff is amazing. They are attentive, accommodating and always courteous. We all have a genuine concern for your eye care throughout your lifetime. We will spend as much time as you need to make sure you have all your questions answered and that we have alleviated any concerns you have about the procedure.

So much technology is evolving these days, and the same goes for LASIK equipment as well. While there are several types of LASIK procedures, our surgeons prefer the bladeless all-laser LASIK state-of-the-art procedure. Bladeless LASIK uses two different lasers. The surgeon uses an excimer laser to create a corneal flap and a pulsed femtosecond laser to correct vision. Naturally, you want to choose an experienced surgeon, but how do you begin your search?

It’s a great idea to cast a wide net and really look at many surgeons when considering the LASIK procedure. In fact, comparing surgeons is really the only way to choose a LASIK surgeon. Getting different perspectives from different surgeons and different eye care practices is a great idea.

Most surgeons offer free initial consultations, and here are some questions you can ask during that visit:

  • How many LASIK procedures have you performed?
  • Do you use bladeless all-laser LASIK and am I a candidate for that procedure?
  • Do you perform procedures at this office or do I need to travel to another location?
  • If I have a complication, what can I expect and how will your team handle it?
  • What if I need a revision surgery? What can I expect?

Take your time selecting a surgeon. Give it lots of thought and consideration. We feel confident that residents of Reading, PA will find the best LASIK doctors at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in nearby Blandon. We take your precious vision very seriously. We want your vision correction procedure to be a fantastic experience. Give us a call today.

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