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You can experience eye problems at any age, which is why it is important to have regular eye care checkups. Our doctors at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania recommend annual eye exams starting at age five and forward. If you happen to have an eye condition that needs treatment, the best ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in Reading PA are at our nearby Blandon office.


Glaucoma is a disease that is caused by elevated internal eye pressure. People rarely have symptoms until the later stages of the disease, and that is too late. Significant vision loss has likely already occurred. We do the air puff test (called tonometry) to measure the eye’s internal eye pressure to help detect glaucoma. We also strongly promote dilated eye exams to check for glaucoma as well as other eye diseases. When we dilate the eyes, it helps the doctor see better inside the eye and examine the eye’s internal structures.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. In fact, we are seeing a dramatic increase in cases of dry eye, driven by the fact that more of our patients are using computers and other devices for many hours per day. When the eyes do not get enough lubrication or create enough tears, dry eye can occur. The condition can also be caused by an imbalance in the tear composition, meaning the tear fluid does not have enough fatty oils and therefore does not keep the eye surface sufficiently moist. People with dry eye often experience eye fatigue and difficulty with night vision, but we can easily treat dry eye, so come see us.

Older Eyes

As you get older, you may notice more eye problems. While annual eye exams are very important at every age, they are particularly crucial after age 40 when vision changes can occur. After age 40, the eye lens becomes more rigid and less supple, translating to the eyes losing sharp near vision (called presbyopia). After age 60, other vision changes occur and night driving, distinguishing colors or adjusting to glare are often much more difficult.

Macular degeneration is a concern for older individuals. The center of the retina (macula) is responsible for central vision, but the macula can degenerate over age 60, resulting in a narrowing or loss of central vision. Macular degeneration often starts in one eye but can progress to both eyes. Because vision loss is permanent, early detection is key to preserving any remaining vision.

Cataracts are often associated with older individuals and more than likely by age 75, you may experience a cataract in one or both eyes. Cataracts are an accumulation of proteins on the lens; these proteins break down with age. Cataracts are slow to develop, but when vision becomes affected, our patients say their vision is like looking through a dirty window. Reading and driving become more difficult over time.

Come See Us

The good news is we can treat all of these issues described. Early detection is important, and is best accomplished through regular annual eye exams. Don’t delay; visit us online or call us to schedule your exam today with the best ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in Reading PA. Our Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania team is in nearby Blandon ready for you to be our next new patient.

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