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Cataracts are quite common in people over age 60, and by age 80, over 50 percent of people in the US will either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery, which is the only way to permanently fix a cataract. If you are in Leesport, PA, cataract doctors are at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania, just a short 10-minute drive away in our Blandon office.

Exciting Research

Although surgery is the only way to repair a cataract, researchers are working every day to study cataracts to learn more about treatment options. For example, world-renowned eye experts have recently made an amazing breakthrough discovery.

Cataracts are caused by protein breakdown that forms on the eye lens. It causes a clouding of the lens that develops very slowly over time, and is caused by an accumulation of proteins that break down and clump onto the lens. When the protein buildup gets significant enough, it reduces the amount of light transmitted to the retina, thus interfering with vision. Many cataracts go untreated, and in fact, almost half of all worldwide blindness cases are due to untreated cataracts.

Surgery is the only option for treating a cataract. The cloudy lens must be removed and replaced by a clear artificial lens. Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom have recently discovered that a particular protein called aquaporin plays a significant role in cataract formation. While working on a project to show how the optics in the eye develop from birth, they discovered the aquaporin connection. Aquaporin plays a crucial role in the lens working correctly so that the eye can see clearly.

Because the team has discovered that aquaporin is a developmental issue, they hope one day to be able to create a drug therapy that will adjust to the right aquaporin development so that cataracts never develop. Many people across the globe have cataracts but do not have ready access to eye surgeons.

Who Is At Risk?

Aging is by far the biggest risk factor for developing cataracts, which are not a disease but a result of the aging process. Genetics are also a factor, so if cataracts are in your family history, you are more likely to develop them in one or both eyes. People with chronic diseases like glaucoma and diabetes are also at higher risk for cataracts.

Environmental factors like UV exposure play a role. Chronological UV exposure over your lifetime will affect cataract development later in life, so it is important to wear sunglasses with UV protection. Lifestyle factors also play a role. Tobacco use contributes to cataract formation, and use of steroid medications for long periods of time does as well.

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If you suspect you have a cataract or want to know more about them, come in for a comprehensive eye exam and cataract evaluation. We offer the latest and greatest in cataract treatment options and care, and for patients in Leesport PA, our cataract doctors are in nearby Blandon less than 10 minutes away. We look forward to welcoming you to our Blandon office or any of our other locations that might be more conveniently located to your workplace. Come in to Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. Call us or schedule an appointment on our website. We want you to be our next new patient.

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