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You’ve taken a big step and decided to pursue LASIK surgery, but you have questions about the procedure. That is completely understandable. At Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania, we offer free LASIK evaluation. Reading, PA residents can visit our nearby Blandon office, and we will answer all your questions during this initial meeting. Here’s what to expect at your first visit.

Medical History

During your first visit, we will want to talk with you in detail about your medical history. We will ask about your medical history as well as your ocular history. While most patients are candidates for LASIK, there are certain systemic diseases like autoimmune disorders or diabetes that might alter healing, so we will want to know this history. It is important to also know your family history of any diseases, including eye disease. Past eye disease or surgeries may affect LASIK as well. If you are a high-risk patient or not a candidate for LASIK, we will have a thorough discussion as to the reasoning and will recommend alternatives for you for vision correction.

Please bring a complete list of all medications, including prescription as well as non-prescription vitamins and supplements you take. Certain medications can affect LASIK surgery outcome, and certain medications can cause more severe dry eye, so we will need a complete list.

We will also need to know certain lifestyle factors such as whether you are a smoker because that can also affect healing after the surgery. We’ll also discuss your work and hobbies like sports so that we better understand your goals for having the LASIK surgery and what expectations you have for your vision.

The Eye Exam

We will perform an eye exam at the initial consultation. It is very similar to the regular annual eye exam you have. This is a dilated eye exam. We’ll look at visual acuity, meaning the uncorrected and corrected vision you currently have. We will take measurements of pupil size in both light and dark conditions, and will also measure corneal thickness and look for any irregularities of the cornea. We perform corneal topopgraphy to make a unique map of the surface of your cornea to look for characteristics and features. The surgeon will use this map during the LASIK surgery.

Our team will also examine the lens for the presence of cataracts. If you do have cataracts, we may not perform LASIK and will discuss other alternatives.

We will also perform dry eye testing to see your baseline state of ocular dryness before the surgery. If you already have dry eye, you will have a higher risk of more severe dry eye post-surgery, but this can be remedied with eye drops. We may also perform a test to determine the quality of your tear fluid and may recommend fish oil nutrient supplements as a remedy. In some cases, LASIK must be postponed until the dry eye is improved.

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You’ve made a great choice in deciding on LASIK, one of the safest and most effective procedures you can have. Your next step is to come see us for your free LASIK evaluation. Reading, PA residents can come to our nearby Blandon Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania office. Call us at 570-621-5690 or go online to schedule your initial appointment with us today.

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