Glaucoma Specialist in King of Prussia, PA

If you are over a certain age and of a certain ethnicity, you may be at higher risk for glaucoma, a condition of raised intraocular pressure that damages the eye’s optic nerve. There are several forms of glaucoma, and fortunately for patients in King of Prussia PA, a glaucoma specialist is available to treat all of them at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in our nearby Pottstown office.

Am I at risk?

If you are over age 60, you are at higher risk for developing glaucoma. Patients who have a family history of glaucoma are also at higher risk, as are people of African or Hispanic descent. Glaucoma is actually more common than most people think; about three million cases occur in the US each year. There is no known cure for glaucoma, but early diagnosis and early treatment can effectively manage the condition.

What are the treatments?

Doctors typically start treatment with eye drops designed to lower the pressure inside the eye to minimize damage to the optic nerve. For higher-than-moderate cases, the doctor may prescribe oral medications, also designed to lower internal eye pressure.

If these remedies are not successful at reducing pressure, there are several types of surgery that can be performed. A procedure called selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a laser surgery usually recommended for primary open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of glaucoma that occurs. The surgery creates openings in the drainage passageway known as the trabecular meshwork. Fluid often becomes clogged inside the meshwork, causing a buildup of pressure inside the eye which can create optic nerve damage over time. Untreated, glaucoma leads to gradual vision loss. The openings created by the surgery help the meshwork drain more properly.

What is the surgery like?

The surgery is very quick and done as an outpatient procedure in our Pottstown office. The procedure is also very effective, usually lowering the internal eye pressure by 30 percent. Some patients experience mild inflammation, but we prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops to help with those symptoms. Patients usually experience the reduced pressure for five years before a repeat procedure is necessary and Medicare as well as most private insurance plans do cover this procedure.

Are you at high risk?

Do you fit any of the criteria outlined above? If you are a high-risk patient, come see us today, particularly if you haven’t had an eye exam in several years. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists specialize in glaucoma and other eye surgeries.

Glaucoma often has no symptoms. In fact, most patients don’t even know they have glaucoma until significant damage has occurred. Don’t wait. Make an appointment today with our glaucoma specialist near King of Prussia PA, in nearby Pottstown. If you do have glaucoma, we will design a custom treatment plan to reduce your internal eye pressure in order to slow the progression of the glaucoma. Our treatment plans are designed to prevent further vision loss. Call us today or make an appointment by visiting the Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania website. Your vision is too important, so don’t delay and call us at 610-378-8500.

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