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Are you at risk for glaucoma, a group of optic nerve diseases? You may be. Glaucoma currently affects three million people in the US, and if you are over age 60, African American or Hispanic, you are at higher risk. The best way to detect glaucoma is through an annual eye exam. If you are in Lancaster PA and need a glaucoma specialist, Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in nearby Lebanon PA is ready to see you.

What is the therapy for glaucoma?

Doctors use several glaucoma therapies, all designed to lower the internal eye pressure which in turn slows or halts optic nerve damage. Since this nerve transmits light signals from the eye to the brain, it is crucial for vision.

Glaucoma damage cannot be reversed, but regular eye exams and treatments serve to slow or even prevent further vision loss. Of particular importance is catching the disease in the early stages.

Dr. Michael Smith is our newest glaucoma specialist. He joined our practice last summer in 2020 and stresses the importance of annual dilated eye exams for detection of glaucoma, particularly for high-risk individuals over age 60 or with a family history of the disease.

Dr. Smith uses several treatment options, including various types of prescription eye drops designed to help fluid drain from the eye, thus decreasing the internal eye pressure. If the eye drops do not sufficiently reduce the pressure, Dr. Smith may prescribe oral medications to help lower the pressure.

Do I need surgery?

Glaucoma often has no warning signs and may be present for years before the patient detects a problem. As such, patients often have to have surgery to halt the progression of glaucoma. Dr. Smith usually recommends surgery only when the eyedrops and oral medications are not sufficiently lowering pressure. We perform laser surgery as well as traditional surgeries for glaucoma. The type of surgery we recommend for each patient depends on the type of glaucoma you have, its severity and your overall eye health.

We will typically perform laser surgery before traditional incisional surgery, but if there is significant optic nerve damage or very high eye pressure, we will likely recommend traditional glaucoma surgery. The laser surgery is performed on the spongy trabecular network that is the eye’s drainage system to help the fluid drain from the eye to lower pressure. Traditional glaucoma surgery is also called filtering surgery. Dr. Smith will create a small new drainage opening to allow the fluid inside the eye (intraocular fluid) to flow around the clogged drainage system.

If you are high risk, or if it has simply been a few years since your last eye exam, make an appointment with Dr. Smith today. If you have glaucoma, we will design a treatment plan to slow your disease and prevent any further vision loss. Dr. Smith and our entire dedicated team in Lebanon PA is standing by to be the glaucoma specialist for our patients in Lancaster PA. Our Blandon location is also close by, so choose one and don’t delay. You can reach us at 610-378-8500, or you can schedule an appointment online at the Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania website.

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