What is Clear Lens Extraction and Multifocal Lens Implantation?

What is Clear Lens Extraction and Multifocal ReSTOR Lens Implantation?

Clear Lens Extraction is an excellent option for those individuals wishing to decrease their dependence on both distance and reading glasses.

Around the age of 40, our eyes begin to lose the ability to focus clearly on near objects. This is called presbyopia. Unfortunately, this naturally occurring process continues to worsen until age 60. Remedies include reading glasses, bifocals, progressive lenses, and trifocals. Even laser vision correction, which decreases one’s dependence on distance glasses, will not affect the eventual need for reading glasses, as presbyopia is a lens-related phenomenon that is unaffected by reshaping the cornea.

Clear Lens Extraction offers an opportunity to safely intervene in what would otherwise be a lifelong commitment to reading glasses. In this painless procedure, the natural lens inside your eye is removed through a tiny, self-sealing incision. A ReSTOR intraocular lens is then carefully implanted in the eye, unfolded, and properly positioned by your doctor. The ReSTOR is a multifocal lens meaning that it has the potential to provide good distance, intermediate, and near vision with less dependence on reading glasses.

Ideal candidates for Clear Lens Extraction and ReSTOR implantation are:

  • Hyperopic (farsighted) in a range too high for laser vision correction
  • Good candidates for laser vision correction who desire less dependence on both distance and near corrective lenses

The evaluation for Clear Lens Extraction is very similar to that for laser vision correction, but the procedures are different. While LASIK and PRK are performed on the cornea (outside of the eye), Clear Lens Extraction involves surgery inside the eye. Only one eye is operated on at a time and the two procedures are usually separated by several weeks. If you are a candidate for Clear Lens Extraction, your doctor will outline realistic expectations as well as thoroughly review with you the procedure’s risks, benefits, and alternatives.

The Alcon ReSTOR Lens (left) is an alternative for individuals seeking less dependence on both distance and reading glasses. It is implanted inside the eye after the natural lens has been removed, and can often provide good uncorrected vision at distance, intermediate, and near.

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