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No doubt, you probably know someone who has had LASIK surgery. They may be urging you to have it, too, particularly if you are tired of wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. Most of our new patients who come in for a LASIK consultation ask whether LASIK is the right surgery for them. If you are in West Chester, PA, looking for a LASIK specialist, come to the Pottstown Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania office to find out whether LASIK is right for you.

More about LASIK

LASIK is short for laser in situ keratomileusis surgery and is today’s most frequently performed eye surgery. LASIK is a good option for the majority of our patients. We can correct several types of vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. We inform our patients about the recent advancements in LASIK that allow our surgeons to correct much higher levels of refractive error – so much so that many can ditch their glasses and contact lenses altogether.

While there are several LASIK techniques, our surgeons prefer the bladeless all-laser technique. First, more patients are candidates for this particular procedure. Second, the lasers provide such precision surgery that no stitches are required, and patients recover much faster.

All-laser LASIK uses a femtosecond laser to create the initial corneal incision and pulses from an excimer laser to do corneal reshaping to correct vision. This LASIK is performed using a customized map of your cornea as a surgical guide.

The procedure has excellent results, with most patients achieving 20/25 (or better) vision. With over 40 million LASIK procedures performed worldwide, there is a lot of data to show that the procedure is safe and effective. Doctors and researchers have published over 7,000 clinical studies, making LASIK one of the most studied procedures in the world.

LASIK surgery has a good track record of safety and efficacy; the procedure has few side effects. If there are side effects, they are minor, such as temporary dry eye. Your result will depend mainly on the number of refractive errors we correct. For example, patients with high nearsightedness or farsightedness have good results, but they are less predictable before surgery.

Our Patients Are Pleased

LASIK surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction levels of all surgeries. Patients are happy to find out that they are good LASIK candidates. Most patients are, but those with certain pre-existing conditions may not be. We will discuss all the eye test results with you and all your vision-correcting options with you. Not sure whether you are a candidate? We do a thorough eye exam to determine the answer, so see us for an initial consultation.

Our patients are amazed with their surgery outcomes, and we want you to be, too! See our LASIK specialist near West Chester, PA. We are in nearby Pottstown, and our Wyomissing location is close as well. Call us today or visit our Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania website to schedule an appointment.

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