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Macular degeneration is characterized by a loss of central vision. Many patients often have trouble discerning central features, such as a person’s face or the middle of a page when reading a book. If you have experienced these symptoms, you may need a macular degeneration specialist. In Pottsville, PA, trust your eyes to the experienced team at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania.

Tell me more about this condition

Macular degeneration destroys the central part of the retina known as the macula. Symptoms often start with blurred vision, but can quickly turn into the inability to discern anything in the center of your vision. Tasks like reading and driving become more and more difficult. Annual eye exams are important for early detection and treatment.

There are two forms of macular degeneration, dry and wet. The dry form is by far the most common. The large majority of cases – about 90 percent – are the dry form, caused by drusen deposits that form around the macula and cloud the vision. During the eye exam, our team takes high-resolution images to look for the drusen formations to diagnose dry AMD.

The wet form of macular degeneration is very rare and is an advanced form with a rapid onset. The wet form is caused by blood vessel leaks which permanently damage the retina to cause the characteristic central “blind spot”.

We encourage all our patients to visit our online patient education portal to find out more about symptoms and treatment options.

Diagnosis and Treatment

On your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive dilated eye exam. If we diagnose macular degeneration, we will discuss treatment options designed to manage the condition, preserve your vision and prevent any further vision loss.

Treatment options vary depending on the form and severity of macular degeneration that you have. Treatment options include steroid treatments, surgery, and treatments known as anti-VEGF therapy and photodynamic therapy (PDT). We will choose the best treatment for you and discuss all the details at your initial appointment. We often recommend nutrient supplements, which can help to slow disease progression.

Why should you choose us?

At Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania, we have a macular degeneration center of excellence and an amazing team of specialized ophthalmologists and eye care professionals. Our team has garnered national recognition, and our doctors are trained at prestigious medical facilities including the Scheie Eye Institute and Duke Eye Center.

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in people over age 60, but can occur at younger ages. In fact, the risk increases with age, which is why the disease is referred to as AMD, or age-related macular degeneration. If you are obese, smoke or have a family history of AMD, you are at even higher risk. Just remember that early on, you will likely have no pain, but as the vision worsens, you may see wavy or blurry lines. Unfortunately, any vision you’ve already lost cannot be restored. Early detection is key. If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, or if you suspect you may have it based on your symptoms, come see our team of specialists today. Early detection is key, so call us today to make an appointment with one of our macular degeneration specialists in Pottsville PA.

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