Macular Degeneration Treatment in Annville, PA

If you are in the Annville, PA area and need treatment for macular degeneration (AMD), consider the skilled physicians at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in Lebanon.

About Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disease of the retina. Together with another retinal disease known as diabetic retinopathy, the condition affects nearly 35 million American each year. Both eye diseases have many common symptoms, including blurred vision and distorted vision. If not detected and treated as quickly as possible, vision can quickly degrade and drastically affect your overall quality of life.

In fact, in people over age 50, macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss. In people with the condition, the center of the retina (the macula) is damaged; this area of the eye is needed to see clear details when recognizing faces, reading and driving.

Types of Macular Degeneration

Two forms of macular degeneration exist: wet and dry. Dry AMD is by far the most common form; nearly 90 percent of patients are diagnosed with this form of the disease. Yellowish deposits (drusen) begin to form around the macula, and doctors can make a clear diagnosis based on the drusen formation.

Wet AMD is a much rarer form — an advanced form of the disease that occurs when blood vessels leak blood and fluid underneath the retina. The leakage causes permanent damage to the retina cells responsible for light sensitivity, leading to the characteristic “blind spot” in central vision. Wet AMD typically leads to more serious cases of vision loss.

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Doctors conduct a comprehensive dilated eye exam and visual acuity test to diagnose both forms of AMD. Drops are placed in your eyes to widen, or dilate, the pupils. These tests determine your vision at various distances by using a special magnifying instrument to closely examine the retina and optic nerve for signs of AMD or other eye problems.

The treatment depends on whether you have the dry or wet form as well as the stage of disease progression. Unfortunately, dry AMD has no medical treatment, although certain vitamin and mineral supplements may slow the progression of the disease. Laser surgery can treat wet AMD, as can steroid treatments and a treatment called photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Why Choose Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania?

The highly trained Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania staff includes a nationally-recognized team of specialized ophthalmologists, ophthalmic surgeons and eye care professionals. Our team has been trained at some of the most renowned medical facilities in the world, such as Duke Eye Center, the Penn Medicine Hospital, the Washington Hospital Center, and the Scheie Eye Institute. Our physicians are trained in a wide variety of surgical techniques and eye disease conditions. The surgeons are board-certified and hold vitreoretinal surgery fellowships.

As such, our experienced team offers state-of-the-art macular degeneration treatment and care in the Annville area. We will provide a thorough eye and vision evaluation and recommend treatments and condition management options before you suffer severe vision loss.

If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration or suspect you may have the disease, come see our retinal specialists for macular degeneration treatment in Annville, PA.

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