Pediatric Eye Care in Pottsville, PA

Most of us think eye exams are only for adults, but proper pediatric eye care is fundamental to your child’s well-being. Proper eyesight is a crucial part of your child’s educational and social success, and it is never too early to have a pediatric eye doctor. If you live or work in Pottsville, PA, pediatric eye care is right here in town at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania.

Eye exams are very important because we can detect any eye issues or diseases early on. Early detection leads to early treatment, and we use an individualized treatment called orthoptic therapy to treat conditions like lazy eye, crossed eyes, and focus and tracking disorders. Below are some common pediatric eye conditions.

Strabismus, Amblyopia and Esotropia

A child with strabismus has eyes that are not correctly aligned. When the child looks forward, one eye can focus on the target, but the other eye appears to be turned in, up, or out. Strabismus can be a sign for serious underlying neurological issues, so this is best detected and treated early in childhood. Early treatment gives your child the best chance of developing normal vision.

Amblyopia is more commonly known as “lazy eye” and it affects about two percent of children. Amblyopia is a brain-eye issue; the child’s developing brain does not properly learn how to see with one or both eyes. Strabismus can cause amblyopia, as can certain congenital conditions, all of which prevent the developing brain from properly working with the eyes. Amblyopia must be treated in childhood because left untreated, it could lead to permanent visual loss in adulthood.

Vision loss caused by amblyopia is often accompanied by other conditions called esotropia (inward turning of the eye) or exotropia (outward turning of the eye). Esotropia is common in children age two and older and the condition is very noticeable when your child looks at items close up, such as when reading a book. Exotropia is less common, occurring between 6 months and 5 years of age, in about 1 percent of the population. Exotropia is most noticeable when your child loses attention or is tired.

Convergence Insufficiency (CI)

CI is a common eye muscle problem. It is a lack of coordination where the eyes have difficulty converging when doing close-up work like reading or writing. The child must force his eyes to turn in, and this often leads to eyestrain, headaches, and blurred or double vision. These symptoms often lead the child to have difficulty concentrating; they often lose their place while reading or read very slowly. We offer a 12-week office-based orthoptic therapy. One of our trained therapists will work with your child in our office, and also provide additional home efforts that you can do.

Pediatric eye care is important. At Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania in Pottsville, PA, pediatric eye care is available for your child if he or she needs treatment for any of the above conditions. We offer highly specialized treatment for your child’s condition and we have the best eye care around. If your child has not had an exam by an eye doctor, come see us today at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania.

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