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If you are in need of eye surgery in Reading PA, look no further than Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. Our experienced team of surgeons are skilled in many types of eye surgeries.

LASIK Surgery for Vision Correction

LASIK surgery can successfully restore vision in nearly every patient. We use Bladeless Custom LASIK, a state-of-the-art technique that is safer and more precise than older forms of LASIK. This technique involves two lasers. A femtosecond laser is first used to create a flap to expose the cornea. Next, surgeons reshape the cornea using an excimer laser to correct the refractive error and improve vision. With bladeless LASIK, we are able to correct a much wider array of vision problems.

Cataract Surgery

If you are one of the 25 million Americans who currently have cataracts, visit our Cataract Surgery Center of Excellence. All of our cataract surgeons are board-certified or board-eligible by the American Board of Ophthalmology. They utilize the most advanced specialized instruments and equipment to analyze and optimize the outcome of every cataract procedure. Our cataract surgeons continually work to update their skills to offer patients the latest advancements in eye care.

Cataracts are a normal part of aging. Natural proteins in the eye begin to clump together, making the normally transparent natural lens appear cloudy. Cataracts can range from mild to severe, creating difficulty for patients to see clearly. Genetics and sun exposure play a role and, if you have hypertension or diabetes, you are more likely to develop them as well. Certain medications can also contribute to the development of cataracts.

Surgery is the only remedy for cataracts. If your cataracts have started interfering with your vision, it is time to schedule an appointment with us. Many of our patients describe their vision with cataracts as if they are looking through a waterfall. If this is how you would describe your current vision, give us a call.

Glaucoma Surgery

Laser surgeries are popular for either initial glaucoma treatment or as an intermediate step between medications and traditional surgery.

For open-angle glaucoma, the most common laser surgery is trabeculoplasty. In this painless and quick procedure, the doctor uses a laser beam to make small changes in the eye’s drainage system to allow fluid to flow more easily and reduce the intraocular pressure.

When medications and laser surgeries are unsuccessful at lowering eye pressure, your doctor may recommend traditional surgery. The most common procedure is called a trabeculectomy, sometimes called filtration surgery, which is used in both open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma.

The surgeon creates a passage to drain excess eye fluid from the inside of the eye to the outside by making a small hinged flap over a small hole in the white part of the eye (the sclera), which is covered by a thinner skin (the conjunctiva). The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that takes 30 to 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.

Experience Matters

No matter which type of eye surgery you may need, the board certified, fellowship trained specialists at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania will explain the risks and benefits of each procedure and work with you to prevent further vision impairment.

You can trust Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania for all your eye surgery needs in Reading, PA, as well as in our other locations: Wyomissing, Blandon, Lebanon, Pottsville and Pottstown. Our experienced team has tremendous clinical knowledge and experience in a wide variety of eye diseases and surgical services.

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